Amazon’s delivery boy got lucky, Now he has become a millionaire

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Crorepati Delivery Boy: The game of luck is also strange. When the time to lose comes, all kinds of deposits disappear. And when the time comes to get it, crores of rupees are available. No one knows when someone’s luck will change. A similar story is in front of us now, in which a delivery boy can be seen traveling from floor to floor. A former Amazon delivery boy is a millionaire today. This man named Kaif Bhatti was earlier poor and was troubled by his job. One day he quit his job. He was compelled to do so due to low salary and working 14-14 hours. However, today the success of a step has separated his identity.

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Kaif Bhatti lived in London
Let us tell you that the name of this person is Kaif Bhatti who lived in London, the capital of Britain. He told that even in school he was not very special. His classmates used to make fun of him and humiliate him. He completed his graduation from the university in 2017 and started working as a delivery boy in Amazon. This work was very hard work, he had to work 14 hours a day. He was very upset because of this work. He felt that his life would remain like this. Betty is a resident of London, UK, but after becoming a millionaire, she started living in Dubai. He has bought an apartment for himself in Dubai worth about Rs 4 crore and a luxury car worth around Rs 2 crore. Her chic today is unique.

Crorepati Delivery Boy: delivery boy got lucky, became a millionaire

Common life, suffered humiliation
He studied in a school in London. Many times the teacher insulted him for not being fast in studies in a packed class. After graduating in the year 2017, Kaif started working as an Amazon delivery boy.

invested with risk
At the age of 28, troubled by the job, made up his mind to do something else to fight this. One day, the thought of crypto came to Kaif’s mind and he took the risk and decided to invest. He had his earnings i.e. 700 euros (about 56 thousand rupees). He invested in cryptocurrencies. He invested about 66 thousand in ‘Verge’ a coin. After which there was a lot of speed in this coin. He earned Rs 28 lakh from this investment. After which he left the job of Amazon.

According to media reports, they had never seen so much money together. His investment was now around Rs 24 lakh. After that he invested this amount as well. For 1 year, Kaif continued to invest in cryptocurrencies. Within a few months of leaving the job, he became the owner of Rs 4 crore with the help of investments in cryptocurrencies. Then after continuous profits, he left his country and went to Dubai. (Crorepati Delivery Boy)

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