5G Internet Service : Today PM Modi will Formally Launch 5G Internet in India

5G Internet Service : Today the country’s wait for 5G Internet Service will end. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will formally launch 5G internet at the inauguration of India Mobile Congress-2022 in New Delhi. Prime Minister will launch 5G Internet services in select cities. It will be expanded across the country in the coming few years.

Economic Impact

The total economic impact of 5G on India is estimated to be up to US$450 billion by 2035. 5G network gives many times faster speed than 4G. Starting from today i.e. October 1, this program will run till October 4. In addition to 5G, there will be many other events as well. Today PM Modi is going to launch 5G services. Along with this, 5G service of Jio and Airtel can also be launched.

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5G Internet Demo

In front of PM Modi, the three largest telecom companies of the country will display a demo of 5G internet each in the program. Reliance Jio will connect school teachers in Mumbai to students from Maharashtra, Gujarat and Odisha over 5G networks.

Cities will get Service First Phase

According to reports, the cities of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Jamnagar, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Pune will launch this service in the first phase. People will be able to enjoy high speed internet service. It will take time for the service to reach the common people. It is being told that by 2023, 5G services will reach every Tehseen of the country.

Benefit of 5G service?

There will be many benefits from the introduction of 5G service. With this will come new economic opportunities and social benefits. This gives it the potential to become a transformative force for the Indian society. It will help the country to overcome the traditional barriers to growth, promote innovation on the part of startups and business enterprises as well as take forward the vision of ‘Digital India’. High speed internet can be used without any interruptions thanks to 5G technology. It is regarded as a revolution in the field of technology.

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5G will Work on these Phones

Know that in order to receive services, all mobile phones must operate within specific frequency bands. You will not be able to enjoy this service in old version phones. Check to see if your phone has the n77/n78/n5/n8/n28 bands if you want your phone to support 5G internet.

Companies Involved in 5G Auction

Let us tell you that four major companies had participated in the 5G spectrum auction. It has Jio, Airtel, Vi and Adani data networks. In this, Jio had won the maximum spectrum by making the highest bid. Airtel and then Vodafone Idea have invested at number two.

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